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Verizon Prepaid Plans

Customize your prepaid plan

The Verizon prepaid plans are fully customizable in a way so that all customers will be fulfilled by their needs. Do you, as a customer prefer a prepaid plan focused on data usage, or do you want to be able to talk for an unlimited amount of time and send unlimited text messages? With the one of the Verizon prepaid plans it's possible for all customers to add or don't add the features and wishes they want. You are able to customize your whole prepaid plan to your needs.

Keynotes about the Verizon prepaid plans

These keynotes will give you a better view and idea about what is possible with one of the prepaid plans by Verizon.

  • With other Verizon wireless customers you can call for an unlimited amount of time, even with a Verizon prepaid plan!
  • Only pay for the days you use your Verizon prepaid plan.
  • No difficult and long term contracts.
  • For each budget and other customer needs there is a plan available.
  • Features like the Verizon Navigator and Verizon Music Cat with Rhapsody are also included in all the prepaid plans by Verizon.

Available Verizon prepaid features

It is possible to have a conversation with 3 people at the same time. This is handy when you need to discus something with the 3 of you, for example after a business meeting while stuck in traffic, and you still want to continue the meeting with two other person. Another feature is to forward calls to another phone number, this can be done by calling a special number which belongs to your prepaid plan. In this menu you can set or change other options, like your voicemail message or to hide your caller id. Everything is set-up by default if you take a new Verizon prepaid plan.

Beside changing settings in the menu you can also look up your calling status. How many minutes was your last phone call, or how long did you talk during your prepaid period? A prepaid period depends on the plan you put together. This can be 30 days, but this can also be 180 days. Maybe you want to know how many text-message you've sent last week? Or do you want to know how many MBs of Internet data you have still available to check your email or browse the web? This all can be found in your status overview which you can easy acces by calling the special number included with your Verizon prepaid plan which is 100% unique for every single customer.

Verizon prepaid plans feature overview

  • Calling with 3 persons withing 1 phone conversation.
  • Forward your phone calls to any phone number, even phone numbers outside the Verizon network.
  • Call waiting or letting calls come through during an ongoing conversation.
  • Refill you Verizon prepaid plan whenever you want to keep you existing privileges and your existing account.
  • Long distances calls inside the USA will only charge your normal talk time without extra fees.
  • Play games and download any games you by using the Get It Now and Play It Now feature.
  • Status meter per minute and an alarm to remember you to refill your account before you get disconnected.
  • Automatically forward calls to your voicemail or a different number when you're in the middle of another phone call.
  • The voicemail included in a Verizon prepaid plan can keep around twenty messages up to 21 days withing your prepaid contract.

So are you looking for a cell phone deal that gives you top services and a ton of extra benefits, choose one of the Verizon Prepaid plans to mtach your needs!