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Cell Phones with a Verizon Prepaid Plan

As a Verizon prepaid plan user myself I prefer to use a blackberry. Of course you’re able to choose between many brands and different types of prepaid cell phones at Verizon. In this article we will take a closer look which Verizon Prepaid cell phones are currently in the market, because this is an ongoing process and new models get intruduced pretty often I try to keep it all up to date, but please don't shoot me when I am a bit behind...

Blackberry as a Verizon Prepaid Cell Phone

Earlier blackberry Cell Phones were often used by business men and women, but these days almost everyone has a Blackberry. Main reason the Blackberrys are more widely used is probably because the prices dropped dramatically. Beside the drop in price for a Blackberry it is also a fact that telecom carriers like Verizon and AT&T now offering Blackberrys with big discounts or even totally free with some of their plans. Verizon always offers different models of the blackberry with their normal and standard Verizon Wireless Plans, but nowadays they offer even a Blackberry as one of the Verizon prepaid cell phones. Currently Verizon offers two blackberry models (a Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve) with their prepaid plan, let me give you some details about these two Blackberrys in this article about the Verizon Prepaid Blackberry.

Verizon Prepaid Cell Phones with Android

Currently Verizon Prepaid offers about 6 cell phones with the famous and upcomming Android OS by Google. The so-called smartphones are really taking over the cell phone market. Even though Android is not that old, it works pretty well as a smartphone operating system. Reason why Android is often used these days by cell Phone brands, is because Android is totally open source but still solid as a rock. This way Phone brands can make their own application and modification to Android but still keep a good working Phone operating system. Not like the Windows mobile operating system a few years ago, they tried to compete with the Blackberry operating system but surely they failed. The new Microsoft Windows 7 is much better and more stable, now Microsoft can finally join the competition. But ok, back to Verizon Prepaid with their Android phones. Because models get added and old models get moved pretty often it is pretty hard to write down the current list of Android Verizon Prepaid cell phones, but in this article about Verizon Prepaid Android Phones I will write about which Android Phones Verizon currently offers with their prepaid plans.

Other Cell Phones with a Verizon Prepaid Plan

Beside the Blackberry and the Android cell phones, Verizon offers even more phones with their prepaid plans. These are the phones which you cannot put in the category “Smart Phones” but more in the “Normal cell Phones” category. Well it is not just a normal Phone litteraly, if you consider a normal Phone to just call, you’re totally wrong with these cell phones. Verizon of course does not call the phones in this category just the ‘normal’ cell phones, they call it ‘Feature Phones'. Some cell phones have WiFi connection, some have a built-in GPS with a navigator, a QWERTY keyboard, camera with video recording capabilities, etc. So you can still do a lot, but with some limitation if you compare it with what you are able to do with a Blackberry or Android Phone by Verizon Prepaid! Here you can find the current list with the Verizon Prepaid Feature Phones.

Most if not all contemporary brands and models and included in the Verizon prepaid cell phones deals. Make your pick today!