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Verizon Pay As You Go Plan

What is a Pay as you Go plan

First let me explain what a Verizon pay as you go plan exactly is. First of all there is no monthly subscription fee, this is also the biggest difference between a normal Verizon pay as you go plan. But this Verizon plan with no monthly fee has also less possibilities like; you can’t get a new cell Phone for free which you could get when going for a normal subscription plan for 1 or 2 years. The idea of a pay as you go plan is that you just buy a sim card with ‘free’ starters minutes on it and you need to load that sim card with money now and then, within 120 days at least for $20 if I remember it correct. In the next few paragraphs I will note down some of the advantages and disadvantages of a Verizon pay as you go plan.

Advantage of a Verizon Pay as You Go Plan

Like I said in the previous paragraph the main advantage is that you can pay up front and you don’t have any monthly fee with a Pay as You Go Plan. Another advantage is that you just have to buy a sim card for your cell Phone which has to be simlock free. Please remember this, if you have a for example an iPhone from AT&T there is a big change it has a simlock so you can only use that iPhone with the AT&T network. When you bought the sim card you can just place it into your cell Phone and you’re ready to call everyone you want to call. It is so easy, you don’t need to sign a contract or you need give your credit card details. These days you can even buy ready to go and pay as you go cell phones, the sim card is already in and you just need to call the included Phone number of the Verizon Carrier and chard your sim card.

The Pay as You Go Plan disadvantages

Some things you have to consider is for example you don’t get a ‘free’ or discounted cell Phone just like when you go for a normal plan with a contract etc. You need to buy-in minutes, so when you’re minutes are finished even when you’re in the middle of a conversation, the line will go dead. The ‘minutes’ are more expensive compared to other plans beside the Verizon pay as you go plan. I was told that if you call more then 90 minutes a month, it is better to take one of the normal Verizon Prepaid Plans instead of a pay as you go plan.

Pay as You Go Plans in Europe and the USA

Strange enough in Europe such a pay as you go plan like Verizon offers is big hit. Verizon does not have its network in europe but similar companies like T-Mobile, Deutsche Telecom and Vodafone are offering similar pay as you go plans in Europe. These are the plans which are used most of the time. People in Europe prefer to pay in advance instead of afterwards, while in the USA people prefer to pay afterwards with the advantages noted down earlier in this article.

If you're looking for the best deal, gobal coverage and the highest uptime, a Verizon pay as you go plan is the way to go for you!