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Verizon Prepaid

How much can you save with Verizon Prepaid plans?

Verizon Prepaid comes in many flavors and it can be rewarding to spend a good bit of time researching all the options. A good starting point is to look at your calling behavior. What kind of a user are you? How many minutes per day do you spend talking through your mobile device? If you come from a subscription plan or from a different mobile carrier, have a look at the breakdowns of your previous bills. Analyse your calling behavior. The beter you do this, the more money you can save each month by choosing the rightVerizon Prepaidplan.

But times have changed a bit and we no longer use our phone for just making phone calls, we surf the internet, manage our emails, stay up to date with your friends on Facebook and you send the occasional tweet to keep everybody posted. With other words, you might consider a data plan as well. Good thing is that Verizon knows this and now provides a single flat rate data plan allowing you unlimited Mega Bytes of downloads.

Verizon Prepaid deals

If you have been successful in the previous paragraph you know have a pretty accurate profile of yourself which should make the next step a lot easier: finding theVerizon Prepaidplan that matches your profile.

Verizon Prepaid data plans

This is the easiest part: do you need data yes or no. If you’re not sure, have a look at your phone or the new phone you’re planning to buy. If this is a smartphone from Blackberry or Apple iPhone or a mobile device running on Google Android, you can be pretty sure that you are going to need data. As mentioned before,Verizon Prepaidoffers a flat rate data plan, offering you unrestricted downloads for $30 per moth plus tax.

Verizon Prepaid monthly plans

This is the tricky part. But if you have done a thorough analysis of your own calling behavior, as described in the first paragraph, this shouldn’t be too difficult anymore.Verizon Prepaid planscome in different bundles of either just calling minutes or a combination of minutes and texts.

EachVerizon Prepaidplan includes the following:

  • Unlimited mobile to mobile phone calls to other Verizon Wireless Customers
  • Infinite free calling minutes to any number in the Unites States, irrespective of their network, during nights and weekends*

Texting on a Verizon Wireless plan

First off, ask yourself if you are a texter? If you answer this question with a yes, you can limit your options to the three Verizon Prepaid Talk & Text plans. These plans will give you unlimited text messages while Verizon will charge you  $0.20 per message per recipient sent or received. For Picture, Video and voice messaging Verizon charges you $0.25 for every message, sent or received.

If you are texting people every now and then, you might be better off to go for the Verizon Prepaid Talk plan which is $20 cheaper than its corresponding Text and Talk plan. To make this more tangible: you will need to send at least 80 Picture, Video or voice messages, or 100 text messages to make this worth the extra money.

Verizon Prepaid calling minutes per plan

Last but not least, the actual calling minutes. With all the surfing and texting you almost forget what a phone was originally intended to do. So presuming that you actually want to talk to people every now and then, you will need minuted to do so. Paying more does not only increase your free calling minutes, but it also lowers the price you pay per minute if you would exceed your monthly bundle.

A nasty little small prints trick in Verizon Prepaid plans is the money it charges you when, for whatever reason, Verizon does not get your money in time. If your funds are insufficient, Verizon charges you by the minute and at the rate that corresponds with your bundle. So if you would run out of cash on the 450 minute bundle, you’ll be looking at $0.45 per minute to sped talking through your mobile.

Special Deals for Verizon Prepaid Plans

Verizon does really good deals for their Prepaid plans and we try to link those from our website as much as possible. Either offering great discounts or fantastic bundle offers which include an Apple iPhone or another popular smartphone. So do have a good look around this website and if you don’t see anything of interest at this time, be sure to bookmark us and check back at a later time. We promise to have new special Verizon Prepaid deals every time you visit us.