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Unlimited Cell Phone Plans


Unlimited cell phone plans are very popular now. It shows that consumers want a plan for service with no limitations; probably to avoid possible exorbitant overage fees by the carrier. Today, all major carriers’ offers an unlimited plan, and some even offer unlimited cell phone service with prepaid plans. Read the following to learn which plan is best for your individual needs.

Variety in Cell Phone Plans

When you choose an unlimited service, be sure that it is clear from the carrier what you are exactly getting in writing. It means virtually different things to different providers. The carrier may provide only unlimited talk. Other providers may offer any combination of unlimited minute talk, text, and wireless internet. There are ultimate plans, in which you can obtain all three of these features, also.

Choose from among the many unlimited minutes and data plans

As with any cellular phone plan, you want to acquire an unlimited plan that is right for you. Ensure, too, that the provider you want has a strong coverage in your area. In the United States, Verizon Wireless and At&T both are the best choice if you want a plan with unlimited calling, and provide a dependable 3G network.  If you want unlimited coverage for texting, calls and internet, Sprint is one of the best all-around unlimited cell phone plans, with its 4G network.  Now, too, there is a Sprint prepaid unlimited plan offered in the United States. This simply means you “pay-as-you-go” with no contract needed.

Sprint offers you the cheapest mobile phone unlimited talk plan available, and is quite reliable with voice signal on calls. Sprint cell phone plans are generally praised by their users.

Four of the most popular unlimited cell phone deals today

  • Verizon has two options for unlimited cell phone plans. You have either voice only service, or unlimited voice and text. There is a data plan choice, also.
  • AT&T has simple unlimited calling, texting, data and internet; no worries of a minute plan in any category.  
  • Sprint has a few combination choices: unlimited text, with no minutes, unlimited data, with no minutes, or unlimited everything, including internet.
  • T-Mobile has a simple choice for service, and offers the lowest rate for an unlimited voice service by a postpaid carrier.

A multitude of prepaid unlimited cell phone plans are available. No contract unlimited cell phone plans are available. This is a welcome counter to those two-year contracts that so many carriers demand today.


Of these four major company plans there is one service that is most suitable for your use. All four have exemplary customer service and products. Just take your time, and check them all out before you commit to any contract. Personally I would always recommend anybody to go for any of the unlimited cell phone plans that Sprint has to offer. The reason for this being that they simply provide the best service and network coverage out of all four of the previous mentioned networks. Besides their great service, each of their plans comes with an excellent data plan allowing you to surf the web from your mobile phone at their high speed UMTS connection without ever having to worry about your download limitated: because even your data plan is unlimited!