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Sprint Pay As You Go

Why Prepaid plans

Prepaid plans have an advantage for you sometimes over a postpaid plan. If you travel abroad, or don’t use your cell phone often, it is definitely the better way to go. Sprint has two excellent prepaid plans. Read more about the Common Cents and Boost Mobile. Both are also called the Sprint pay as you go plan.

Boost Mobile Unlimited has some attractive benefits

The Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited plan is only $50 a month for unlimited talk nationwide, web, 411, texting, and email; all with no contract required. That’s one advantage over the postpaid. You also get long distance capability, voicemail, and call waiting at no extra charge. Another plus is that you have a nationwide network.  Go anywhere in the USA, in other words, and you will have the Sprint pay as you go plan.

Boost Mobile Unlimited Shrinkage Plan

Now, there’s a special promotion called Shrinkage, in which you can shrink your rate from $50 to $35 per month.  If you are already a Sprint pay as you go customer with Boost Mobile, just pay punctually, and you will now get see your monthly payment shrink to $35 from the $50 rate, by $5 each 6-month interval.  If you are a new customer, Sprint will offer you the $35 rate automatically.

Here is the Shrink Plan if you are already a Sprint Boost Mobile customer:

  • $45 after 6 on-time payments
  • $40 after 12 on-time payments
  • $35 after 18 on-time payments

Sprint pay as you go Common Cents Plan

Wal-Mart and Sprint have joined forces and have a great Sprint pay plan called the Common Cents Plan. There are some attractive benefits from this plan, also:

  • Seven cents per minute
  • Round-down billing: for example 1.8 minutes is billed 7 cents, not 14 cents.
  • Text messages are seven cents per minute
  • $20 unlimited text package is available
  • Data is $1 per megabyte daily

Common Cents offers affordable cell phones with the Sprint prepaid plan:

  • The LG101 wireless cellular phone is just under $20.
  • The Samsung M340 cell phone is just under $40.
  • The exclusive Kyocera S2300 smart phone has a full QWERTY keyboard, and is priced at just under $70.

Minutes for the Sprint Prepaid can be purchased in many ways

Minute refills can be purchased at 700 Wal-Mart stores around the world. If you are a Common Cents customer, you can also register your credit card, debit card, or PayPal information many websites you will find online to obtain more minutes. This is an excellent Sprint pay as you go plan, also.

Our final words and conclussion...

Sprint is a fantastic carrier for prepaid cell phone service. You have two affordable Sprint plans and prices from which to choose for the Sprint pay as you go. Read the features of each, as one of them is perfect for you if you are going with a prepaid plan soon. I hope our explanation and little bit of advice can help out in making the right decission.