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Sprint Prepaid


New Sprint prepaid plans allow for full freedom and doesn't tie you int any long running contracts anymore. You simple choose Sprint because you want and like their service. If you don't, you can get out at any time. Are you tight fopr cash? Wal-Mart, in conjunction with Sprint, will offer new cell phone for between $20 and $70. Whereas, the Common Cents plan will offer phone calls at 7 cents per minute, and text messages at 7 cents per message. This plan is quite similar to the Sprint pay as you go deal that been around for some time now, so if you're using this service, you know it's an excellent deal and real value for money that you're getting.

Common Cents is common sense with Sprint

To attract customers who don't like to waste money, Sprint gives the customer a little relief by rounding down on the used minutes. You can use your phone card or pay online with a PayPal account to add money to your service.

A simple plan with Sprint Prepaid

"In recent months, consumers seeking no-frills, pay-by-the-minute plans have been somewhat overlooked with the popularity of unlimited plans in the market," Dan Schulman, Sprint's prepaid group president, stated recently. "These customers want to stay connected--to a point--but don't want to waste time or money on services they don't use. The addition of Common Cents combines easy-to-use handsets with a simple pay-by-the-minute service that can save them money."

Sprint now offers the Virgin Mobile Phone plan

This new Sprint prepaid plan is of three brands: Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and Assurance Wireless. The Assurance Wireless is offered to you if you are near the poverty level. All plans will be purchased with phonecards.

Cell phone use is now over 90% of calls made in the United States. Sprint lost 578,000 postpaid subscribers in quarter one of 2010, so this company had to find a new niche. It was a smart move, in which the consumer and Sprint benefited. The company picked up 348,000 new Sprint prepaid customers in 2010. With the prepaid plans, you can also make international calls.

Take advantage of the new Sprint Common Cents plan

Now, you can take advantage of this new plan by Sprint Prepaid and Wal-Mart. With Boost and Virgin Mobile brands, a flat-rate plan is being offered for $50 a month. There will soon be a $25 a month plan with unlimited texting, e-mail, and Web surfing, along with 300 minutes of call service time. You can also buy a plan with 1,200 minutes for $40 per month.

For value-seeking and young customers

Common sense is going to be attractive to value customers, who just want the basic cell phone and texting service, but the Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile plans will be more for young people. This is simply because the youth are texting and e-mailing more often than calling these days.


Sprint Prepaid subscribers pay in advance for any cell phone service, rather than post paid, or at the end of every month. The advantage for you with the prepaid service is that you won't be bound to a contract. Wal-Mart and Sprint have teamed up to this new niche that has opened up in phone service with the Common Cents, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile plans. You can just pay as you go with one of these Sprint plans and prices. You will have great cellular phones to choose from and an excellent network with top notch customer service, and be free of that contract.