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AT&T Prepaid

AT&T Go Phone provides four prepaid plans of the major providers. Since AT&T has national United States coverage, it’s an attractive choice if you travel often. AT&T Prepaid includes four GoPhone unlimited plans:

  • Two dollars per day, on days you use your phone for talk and text only.
  • 60 dollars per month, with talk and text only.
  • 75 dollars per month, plus 200MB of data each month.
  • Pay-as-you-go plan for ten cents each call.

Great customer service fot AT&T Prepaid customers

There is customer service available for the AT&T Prepaid GoPhone plan. An 800 number will be provided on your mobile phone. There are no roaming charges for AT&T Prepaid GoPhone subscribers.All the typical benefits are available: call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calls, and voice mail.There are many payment options with the AT&T Prepaid serviceAT&T Prepaid GoPhone provides almost all  options for you. You may use your credit or debit card. You may also use an electronic check from the AT&T website.  You may also use your credit card to pay on your account from your phone itself, at 611. There is also a toll free landline number available. An authorized AT&T dealer can process any payment for you. With cash, you must pay at the store, of course.AT&T Prepaid service has a text and photo messaging availableText messages are only 20 cents each, receiving and sending. For higher volumes there are more economical rates available:

  • $4.99 for 200 messages
  • $9.99 for 1,000 messages
  • $19.99 for unlimited messages
  • Picture messages are only 25 cents each

AT&T Prepaid services can include a data plan

  • Data services are one cent per KB used
  • The two dollar play and pay-as-you-go plan offer an additional one MB data package for $4.99, or 100 MB for $19.99
  • Downloadables are offered to all prepaid users. Wallpaper, games, graphic and ringtones start at  only $1.99

AT&T offers a World Connect plan for international calls

AT&T Prepaid service offers offers an international calls plan called World Connect. You can call for only$3.99 each month. For just individual international call, however, the rates begin at ten cents each minute.  International texting is provided, also, for 20 cents outgoing, and five cents for each incoming message.

Additional features for the AT&T Prepaid service

There is no activation fee required, and all calls are billed at the same rate in the AT&T network.  No additional long distance charges will be incurred. There is 411directory assistance for $1.79 per call, plus airtime. However, there is a free directory service available if you’re in the USA. Just contact the “Free Directory Service” number online.

Smartphones or a disposable cell phone can have the AT&T Prepaid service

Cheap prepaid phones are offered by AT&T for the GoPhone plans start at $9. 99.  Many are refurbished models, at a discount price.  Available models by AT&T are:

  • Pantech Link
  • LG Prime
  • LG GU25
  • Samsung Solstice ii
  • LG Encore

With AT&Ts flexible GoPhone prepaid plan, and national network, it is an excellent carrier choice for you, especially if you travel. The GoPhone prepaid plan has 4 great packages to fit your lifestyle. There are cheap prepaid phones from which  to choose with the GoPhone AT&T prepaid plan.  You can even use a disposable phone with this plan.